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Campeggio Alagna was established in the seventies by Gino and Trudy Righetti.

In 2001, they retired and the Jaggi family took up running the campsite. The family consists of Andy, Corina and Arianna. Andy is from Switzerland and worked as a kitchen chef. Corina is from Holland and has a long-standing experience in hotel and restaurant management. They have one daughter, named Arianna, born in August 2002.

From 2013 they worked a few years toghether with Rob Oppelaar and Roos van Leeuwen. In 2018 they decided to return to Holland. Their place in the company has been taken by Alessander Fumagalli and Jennifer Valzer with their daughter Greta. Jennifer growed up at Alagna and Alessander is a passionate outdoor sporter. They both can give a lot of information about walking, hiking, mountainbiking and freeriding.

Andy and Corina For us it's very important to create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. We live in nature and we wanted to let nature live on. We offer no entertainment since here the entertainment is provided for by nature. Our guests are from all over the world. They all have their own habits. We respect them all and we expect our guests to do the same. After your holiday here, you should feel relaxed and carefree.

When leaving, you ought to feel sad as when leaving a very good friend...
Arianna Andy e Corina
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